Grass!365 recently upgraded the campus of Mason Preparatory School on the peninsula in Charleston, South Carolina.

Facing multiple daily cleanings of floors from entry ways to the courtyard, Mason Prep decided something needed to be done.  A private school with a location in historic downtown Charleston holds a great reputation for academics and childhood growth.  One area of the campus had become a dark spot on the shining school.  The courtyard in the rear where children can run and play between the playground equipment and activity court had turned to dirt.  Several attempts at sod and all the tricks that go along with that dead end path lead Mason to seek synthetic grass as an alternative.

Raising the money:

Mason came up with a great plan.  By displaying a sign at the front door with 2 distinct images, one of children playing soccer on dirt and the other an image of beautiful lush synthetic grass, a simple question was raised.  Without your donation, your children will continue to play on dirt.  With a donation it may be possible for this situation to get a perfect remedy, synthetic grass.  And today Mason Prep has a Grass!365 synthetic grass play area with a sports filed pad and hundreds of clean and happy students.

The main lesson on the fund raising side was that the school gave a clear picture to anyone who entered the campus that we have a problem and are raising specific funds to fix the situation.  Many schools and organizations mask what is wrong and avoid bringing attention to deficiencies.   Mason Prep should be commended for facing the situation head on, but just as important the parents of the students deserve credit for their support in brining in the necessary funds to solve the playground problem.

Grass!365 Synthetic Grass installation:

As for the Grass!365 installation, we do not use crumb rubber that is found on most athletic fields.  We take on the extra expense of installing padding below the turf and using a natural grain sand infill on top of the grass.  This system provides the cushion necessary for the people using the surface while keeping the surrounding areas clean.  Crumb rubber may or may not cause heath concerns, but one thing is certain, crumb rubber does create a mess.  Eliminating crumb rubber and using padding and natural sand, delivers a great clean synthetic grass playground surface.

We want to say thank you to Mason Prep administration and the parents who gave so that the outdoor experience at Mason now matches what happens in the classroom.