Synthetic Grass and Putting Green in Mt Pleasant


New Grass!365 synthetic grass and putting green in a backyard in Mt Pleasant. Under the trees with dogs and children, this family had a muddy mess behind their pool. Now they have the perfect place for the dogs and children to stay clean while they play. Utilizing the lawn as a fairway, the putting [...]

Synthetic Grass and Putting Green in Mt Pleasant2022-02-24T09:09:55-05:00

Synthetic Grass for School Playground


Grass!365 recently upgraded the campus of Mason Preparatory School on the peninsula in Charleston, South Carolina. Facing multiple daily cleanings of floors from entry ways to the courtyard, Mason Prep decided something needed to be done.  A private school with a location in historic downtown Charleston holds a great reputation for academics and childhood [...]

Synthetic Grass for School Playground2022-02-24T08:54:55-05:00
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